New GTF web site

Dear customers and partners!

We are pleased to announce a new website GTF drive with our new products and new design. We fill it yet, but you can use it and to make your orders.

We hope that our customers will appreciate the convenience of ordering products, selecting the most suitable distributor and obtain full information about our products.

What has changed for the users?

- Added new models of the GTF products

- Improved pictures and descriptions

What has changed for partners?

- Now, any partner can add local language.


- Integration with ERP-system allows you to conveniently work with our company.

- "Personal account for a partner." We are now finalizing it and soon will present you new options for convenient operation with customers.

We strive to create for our customers and partners a convenient channel for shopping and communication.

Please send us feedback if you think we are somewhere made a mistake.

We will eliminate all defects.

North America