Classic edition


Innovative with the Highest Safety Standards.

One of the most innovative and safest hoverboards on the market with unique design, highest quality ABS plastic as well as our unique patented battery all found in the new Classic Edition 2017.

Our high end battery boasts a variety of safety features including balance charging, over voltage and over charge protection, enclosed in a cooling material as well as temperature cut off which ensures the maximum safety any hoverboard owner should seek.

Unique design of wheels

Stylish and concise corporate design of the wheels and tires. It developed in the UK.

World warranty

Each GTF product has an international warranty.

Serial number with hologram

The original of the product is protected by a serial number with a holographic sticker. All our devices are marked with a unique serial number.

Certified products

All the GTF products has certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, UL. Children's products have additional certification of children's products EN62115 and En71-1 (2,3).

Natural GTF tire

Branded GTF tires made of natural rubber. They do not emit harmful substances, have no bad smell, resistant to abrasion.

Strong shell

Strong shell made from full color ABS plastic of LG company. Scratches on the shell can not be seen. The color of the plastic inside is the identical color of the shell color.

Branded battery

In each GTF vehicle installed original rechargeable battery elements produced by Samsung or LG company.

Quality charger

The charger is supplied with 3 three-core cables for different types of sockets A, C, G with grounding. The charger has a UL certification.

Additional coating

Due to the additional special coating automotive lacquer shell looks presentable and expensive.

Quality electronics

High-quality and stable electronics save you from thinking about repairs or service GTF vehicles in future.

Gift box

Strong, quality, environmental gift box. Packaging complies with standards of the European Union.

Additional shell shield

We care about the appearance of our products and we want them to stay beautiful as long as possible. GTF shield accessories protective to prevent damage to the shell and minimize the appearance of scratches.

Control system
The maximum angle of ascent
30 degrees
Maх power
2 х 350 W
Max speed
20 km/h
The maximum mileage
20 km
Wheel diameter
6.5 inches
Tire size
170 mm
Turn radius
In place
Ground clearance
50 mm
Minimum weight
20 kg
Weight Limit
160 kg
The height of the pedals
115 mm
Сharging voltage

GTF Jetroll Classic edition

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