Mini Edition


Lighter than any Jetroll we have ever designed the GTF Jetroll mini combines all the latest leading innovative technology and safety features delivering a superior drive experience utilising the highest quality components.


Classic edition


GTF Jetroll Classic Edition - The best gift for parents and children alike. GTF Jetroll Classic Edition is a highly intuitive easy to handle electric self balancing scooter available in a variety of different colours.


United 8 edition


Enjoy a wide variety of surfaces with the GTF Jetroll United 8 Edition 2017. The smooth handling of our classic model is combined with cross-utility attributes to create a truly universal self-balancing scooter found in United 8.


Cross Country 9 edition


GTF Jetroll Cross Country 9 Edition - Reliable, powerful and solid. Our weatherproof hoverboed created to overcome most obstacles and difficult drive conditions.
A brand new model Cross Country - the "SUV" among hoverboards. The nine inch wheels with wide treads compliment for a superior drive experience in cross country, mud and even in loose sand.


North America