Go To The Future is a manufacturer of personal electric vehicles.

Go To The Future. Vision

Our goal is to make enrich your environment utlising innovative, reliable and safe technologies for personal mobility devices.

We suggest to use our electric vehicles daily – on the way to work, to school or university and simply for a walk. With using our transport you will be more freely and will enjoy every your trip!

Mission of Go To The Future Ltd

Our Mission – to produce a qualitative personal electric vehicles with using new and already existing technological developments.

We appeal for developing the culture of using personal ecological electric vehicle and make movement of people easier and more comfortable thanks to a personal electric vehicle.

Objectives of Go To The Future Ltd

Develop modern portable vehicles

We follow world trends and innovations. We produce only the products in which we are sure. For each new product, we find ways to improve its previous model. That’s why any model of our personal electric vehicles will become for you a special purchase which will serve you for a long.

Embody perfect smart-design

We test new products until we are sure that better can’t be done. We thoroughly working on the design, color and shape of all details from electronics to tread print. While choosing product from line-up of GTF, you will meet difficult issue of choosing between perfect and more perfect product.

Produce only quality products

We are striving to combine maximum quality, availability and security. For our product we choose only best materials and spare parts. If you choose products of GTF, you don’t need to worry about the quality. We use only materials which will not bring you any harm. All our products pass quality control.

Support healthy lifestyle

We consider human life is a movement. Life in modern cities causes damage to human health. That’s why we promote active lifestyle and physical development in different kind of sports.

Today you buy personal electric vehicle and tomorrow it creates you a new life in the World. That’s what we call responsible consumption.

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