jetskate Classic One Edition

GTF jetskate Classic One Edition is an electric skateboard is typically a modified skateboard propelled by an electric motor, the power of which is usually controlled with an RF remote. As with a regular skateboard, it is steered by the rider shifting his or her weight. It was originally designed for local transport.

The maximum angle of ascent
15 degrees
Maх power
1 x 180 W
Max speed
10 mph (16 km/h)
The maximum mileage
13 miles (20 km)
Wheel diameter
3 in (75 mm)
Weight Limit
220 lbs (100 kg)
The height of the pedals
125 mm
7 layer Canadian maple
36V 2.2AH Samsung battery
Сharging voltage
100 - 240 V
Сharging time
2 hours
IP protectiom rate
LED light
Bluetooth connectivity
Remote control
Application for smartphone
AC100-240-50/60Hz Max.1.6A;Output; DC 42.0V-1.0A
30,7" x 8,26" x 4,92" (780x210x125 mm)
Box size
33.4" x 10.2" x 5.9 (850x260x150 mm)
Net weight
8.8 lbs (4.2 kg)
Gross weight
11 lbs (5.2 kg)

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