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How Does Self-Balancing Transport Work

State of the art technology allows our self-balancing scooters to work with amazing accuracy. The housing is comprised of two platforms on the same axis and two wheels on the sides of the platforms. Encased in the housing in a metal frame are the gyroscopes that create the self-balancing properties, the board controller and the battery. There is a motor in each of the wheels to provide the propulsion.

How to Drive on a Self-Balancing Scooter

Driving on a self-balancing scooter is simple and easy. Begin by stepping up onto the self-balancing scooter and tilting your feet forward. To stop, or reverse, shift your weight to your heels. When turning left or right press the toe of the foot corresponding to the direction you want to go. To spin or rotate in place, press the toe of one foot and the heel of the other.
If you truly appreciate quality, then the United 8 is definitely created for you. The body of this self-balancing scooter is as beautiful as it is strong and durable. The high gloss finish on the Untied 8 is provides by automotive paint that not only resists scratches but reduces their visibility as well. With a reinforced frame the United 8 performs with undeniable reliability. Highly stable, yet maneuverable, the United 8 features tubeless wheels that are puncture proof. Highly versatile, this model picks up speed quickly and offers several different speed options.

Ride the Rough Road

The GTF Jetroll United 8 easily takes on rough roads, park paths, and even grass with its generous 8 inch wheels and high ground clearance of 10 cm. When you want to ride a wide variety of roads in comfort you can count on the United 8. Blending a self-balancing scooter with a lightweight body and SUV style maneuverability, the GTF Jetroll United 8 offers you the ultimate in versatility.

Precision Performance and Design

Beautifully shaped, the hull features vivid colors and is finished with print protectors. The installed stereo allows you to ride to the high quality sound of your favorite tunes.

Possess the power to tackle the rough roads.

Style, design and versatility in one click. Do not hesitate to place orders.

Corporate battery

На гироскутерах Classic Edition установлены аккумуляторы из подлинных элементов компании Samsung

LG 36V 4.4АН
Сharging voltage

GTF Jetroll United 8 edition

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